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Michelle Mac Business Strategist and Mentor
Michelle MacWilliam is a very talented woman with many strengths and talents within her business repertoire. With such a diverse set of skills, find she can not be put into a square box.
The solutions she provides for her clients is outside the square in these rapidly changing and challenging times. A SME Business Strategist with a relationship foundation focus ethos.

The Ethos – Business today is about relationships.
All businesses need sales in some form or another to provide income.
Sales come from building relationships to drive ongoing repeat business.
A relationship builder can be defined in business as a professional, who delivers better service to their clients and customers, than any one else in their field.
Therefore aligning yourself with a relationship builder, you can create long term relationships. These can be forged with those in your circle of influence and those who are introduced to you through your marketing and advertising collateral.
Your ability to build credible relationships is one of the reasons your business will succeed.

Strategic Business Solutions.

A specialist in business strategies and planning, combined with sales and marketing, Michelle works alongside her clients to achieve their goals. She also assist clients to follow a plan that is relevant to an opportunity or crisis situation.

Which fixed priced package could help you grow your business ?

  • VIP Hallmark Days.
  • 90 Day Business Clarity Programme.
  • Cyber Awareness Workshops.
  • Kick Smart Marketing Strategy.
  • Maximising the Advertising Budget.
  • Business Planning Workshops.
  • Time Management Workshops.
  • Targeted Client Acquisition Systems.
  • Connecting Potenital Clients.

On this website we have deliberately used the nondescript 3D men. Why? because it is human nature to judge the people we see and make judgements based on gender, skin colour etc….
These are barriers to building relationships and achieving our goals or desired outcomes.

Business Solutions    Women In The Rebuild   Business Strategist Defined 

An initial meeting is billable however, after that meeting if you believe you have gained no value from our discussions. That meeting is free. This is our peace of mind guarantee to you.


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